Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Fun gone Awry

Have you ever read a blog and thought, "Boy, my life just doesn't work out like that?"  Yeah, me too.  All those beautiful pictures of sun drenched babies that don't have a smudge of food on their cheeks or a hair out of place, seem completely foreign to me.  The interiors really get me though, how do these women get photos of their kids room or art space where there isn't a single rogue matchbox car in the shot or a pile of broken crayons most of them missing their papers?  I don't know, I can barely manage to get a photo that isn't blurry and even then I spend half an hour on picnik trying to crop out the baskets of dirty laundry or the stained cushion on my couch.  Well here is a post that will not make you wonder how "their days are always so perfect." Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a glimpse of normalcy.

Today, we decided to head to the beach for a little kite flying.  We've done this several years in a row and always have a great time. So, of course, I grab the camera hoping to get some pictures of colorful kites dotting the horizon as waves rush in to meet the shore and bare footed babies dabble their toes in the cool water....

Instead, I got these
My husband is not trying to be funny here.  The wind was so strong that it just about carried us away, here it has blown his shirt up over his head and is threatening to knock over our little daughter who is standing out of sight just behind him.

Carter is bravely trying to get his kite flying while James is struggling to cover exposed skin areas to protect them from the onslaught of blowing sand.

Again, poor Erik is trying to get these kites assembled while the wind blows the dollar kites away and poor Logan is shielding his eyes from flying sand.

Here is Logan taking cues from the Earthquake protection plan as he curls into the fetal position to avoid the continuous pelting. 

Kites dotting blue skies? Didn't happen.  Nope, this is as high as those poor kites ever got.

See, normalcy.  Or at least normalcy for the Tindle clan.  We don't have very many days where everything just works out perfectly.  We have fun, we laugh, we enjoy each other but most of the time it is in spite of whatever funky circumstances we find ourselves in not because of any brilliant planning on my part. 

This day at the beach will probably become one of our favorite campfire stories, a story told in hilarious bursts of laughter and with such enthusiasm that we will all feel the tiny pebbles of sand biting our necks again.  A story that ranks right up there with the time that the raccoons ate our plaster of paris, the day that Dad saw a steep hill sign and thought that it meant peddle faster, the day that the snakes chose dinner time to wiggle out of Poppy's pockets and the day that Memaw's brothers hung her in the well. A perfect day at the beach just wouldn't have made the cut. 

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