Friday, November 12, 2010

Makeovers = Fun?

So, we have a little girl.  Did I ever think that I would have a little girl? Nope.  I am a tom boy who prefers blue and green to pink and purple, pants to skirts, trees to dolls.  As I carried my second child I just knew that the doctor would confirm my 'hunch' and tell my husband and I that there was another baby boy headed our way.  Not so.  That moment was amazing, surreal and scary all at the same time.  "It is a girl." Four little words. I didn't know what to do with a girl.  I was excited but terrified.  Then all I could think was, well she'll probably be like me and it will be fine. 

Nope.  God blessed us with the most beautiful, adorable girly little girl I have ever known.  She loves pink.  She loves princesses.  She loves babies.  She loves dresses.  I love her.  I have stretched more in the past four years than ever in my life.  I have painted nails and rocked babies and bought pink and allowed dresses (even if they are totally impractical). We have worked out a wonderful girly relationship.  She is so much fun.  She hikes through the woods and picks up frogs and then directly deposits them into her pink princess purse, that she just had to bring along.  She is notorious for wearing cute little pink or white dresses and destroying them in short order by rolling in the grass or digging in the mud.

Today we spent the morning with our home school group doing girly stuff. We painted nails, applied makeup, did hair; honestly, we had a blast.  The organizational/crafty side of me came up with some beauty recipes that the girls enjoyed. It was so neat watching Layne, she was absolutely in her element.  So for those girly moms and those moms like me who profess to be tom boys; here are a few of the activities we did.  They would make great party activities for a princess party or sleep over or just a little extra something for a playdate.

Sugar Scrubs.

Put 1 tbsp sugar into a cup, add a few drops of water to the sugar and mix until the mixture is a thick grainy paste.  Place the mixture in your palm and massage it into the
front and back of your hands. 
Rinse with warm water and enjoy the softness. 

Glitter body lotion.

Put 1 tbsp Cetaphil (or other emolient cream) into a cup, add a 1/4 tsp fine glitter and three spritz of your favorite scent to the cup.  Mix throughly and apply to skin. 

Bath Salts

Put 1/4 cup epson salts into a ziploc baggie, add 4 drops of food coloring.  Seal the baggie and shake the salts until the color is distributed throughout.  Add them to the tub at bath time and they will change the color of your water while softening your skin.

We also had a nail station, a makeup station and a hair station.  The girls enjoyed making some custom jewelry with beads and string that we had set out. Another mom brought in some dress up clothes and all the little girls went to town.

My comfort zone does not include makeovers; yet, I am truly having a great time experiencing this girlhood with my little one.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with a daughter.  Thank you Lord for the changes it has brought about in me.  Thank you Lord for knowing, much more than I, what it is that I need. Now I can say that makeovers do equal fun.


  1. Hi from your new blog follower! I better find some more of this good reading. the makeovers were a great success by the way. My girls loved it. - Your Buddy - Miriam

  2. Well you should understand my surprise when I was so happy to get a little girl,I imagined all the things we would do cooking, shopping, beauty shops, make overs during sleep overs etc. etc. and then found I had a little girl that would rather read than shop,prefer climbing a mountain than baking cookies, who was strong willed and faith driven, who could talk politics and current affairs with her teachers and prove them wrong,who would not wear makeup till her wedding day practically and I find such immense pleasure in seeing that well rounded beautiful woman deal WITH A FRILLY LITTLE GIRL AND THREE RAMBUNCTIOUS boys and see her bake, shop, climb mountains, make furniture, teach her children to have faith, love learning and adore reading and still find time to paint finger nails, be a loving wife and an excellent daughter. you have discovered as I have that the Lord does not always give us what we expect but he certainly always gives us what we need. Love you

  3. I had always thought of myself and a tomboy when I didn't fit right in with the girly girls. Guess what, I was blessed with a beautiful little girl who has to buy a new doll everytime we go to the store. She wore out a purple tutu and all the others that were made for her. We had a mom and me night making blue sugar masks and bath salts. (giggles) Great times! Mom is absolutly right!!! I knew that protest for "No Pink" wouldn't last :)~ You are a great mom, sister and best freind. I miss you more than you'll know.XOXO~Leslie