Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No more picture books!?! NO WAY!

Does anyone else think that this is incredibly sad? http://nyti.ms/d2n1tu
The New York Times is reporting a decline in the production and sales of picture books for children. They cite parents' desire for their young guys to read chapter books as the impetus for the change. As a home school parent I have been excited as my little ones have hit each new reading hurdle and I admit to a feeling of excitement when I see our little shelf filling up with Charlotte's Web and Encyclopedia Brown. Yet, I grow sad at the thought that my guys might think they are "too big" for picture books, worse yet at the thought that I might imply that message to them. So, here are a few of my favorite picture book titles. Those that I feel are worthy either by art, message, lesson, or just plain enjoyment that even I as an adult enjoy. Check these out if you like but please share some of your favorites also. I'd love to find some new treasures.

We the Kids/ David Catrow - Text of the preamble, illustrations that remind us why the preamble is important

The one the only Magnificent Me/ Dan Haseltine- Story of a little guy that wants to add all kinds of modifications to himself; beautiful illustrations, wonderful message.

Jabberwocky/ Lewis Carroll and Christopher Myers- Classic poetry paired with modern art and meaning

My Many Colored Days/Dr. Seuss - poem written by Seuss, illustrated and produced after the good Dr.'s death. Lovely book containing fantastic emotional imagery.

Mammoth on the Move/ Lisa Wheeler - nice pics, scientific content about migration and prehistoric mammals, but really I just love the prose. You can kind of sing it and it is bouncy and fun.

New York's Bravest/ Mary Pope Osbourne- beautiful illustrations but I love the tall tale style of this book honoring all New York firefighters (and really all of our countries heroes).

So, there are a couple of mine. What are some of yours?


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